When I saw a new meme, entitled Tie Me Up Tuesday, I really wanted to take part. Anyone who follows this blog knows that I love rope, adore rope, find solace and comfort within it’s binds.

I love practising leg ties, especially the futo. I always feel blissfully calm with my legs bound that way, relative immobility seems to trigger something inherently peaceful within me.

This tie was part of a more complex hip harness that I was practising, and as I had plenty of time, I decided to combine the harness with the futo. It felt so good to be thus held, and I remember staying like this for a while, just enjoying the gentle endorphin release that followed.


8 thoughts on “Futomomo”

  1. Yes I have discovered the same with rope. It makes me feel calm and soft especially this leg tie. I am hoping this new meme will inspire me to try more rope



  2. It’s so nice to read that you can find peace in just sitting like that for a while. From what you write here I can sort of feel the serenity in your experience of just enjoying rope and the picture you took is beautiful and represents all of that too. I’m also a sucker for red rope!


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